Words from the President

As human beings, we have been blessed with the possibility to use technology to modify our environment to suit our needs and live more comfortably in the modern world, but one of the costs of this behavior has been a deterioration of our forests and the life they support.

Nonetheless we bear responsibility for safekeeping the world in which we live, and not letting it deteriorate even more. Protecting, preserving and restoring our forests and birds that inhabit them might be one of the most difficult and enduring tasks to achieve; but to allow them to disappear would be accepting as inevitable the impoverishment of our ecosystems.

Most of us do not want to be bystanders looking at a car crash. I believe we have the capability of turning this trend, and we must try as hard as we can; for this world belongs to our future generations, and they have the right to enjoy it as we have.


Francisco T. Sevilla
President/Executive Director