Objectives of the Organization


  1. The Organization will create, run and support projects to rescue and restore bird habitats, which have been altered or are threatened with destruction or deforestation throughout the Americas.
  2. The Organization will promote and expand ecological awareness with projects, which include scientific research. The Organization will also run programs to study forest bird species and their habitats, in order to protect the environment, its natural resources and propose alternatives, which will end or avoid further environmental deterioration throughout the Americas. These include the purchase of land for conservation, restoration of the natural habitat and research purposes throughout North, Central and South America.
  3. The Organization will conduct studies and surveys on the status of migratory forest bird populations, more commonly known as Neotropical Migrants; in North, Central and South America. The Organization will also assist other NGOs or governments in their Rescuing, Re-Establishing and Re-introduction Projects for Threatened or Endangered Bird Species.
  4. The Organization will promote and execute environmental education programs, which will enhance our knowledge of natural ecosystems, and the importance of preserving them for our future generations.
  5. The Organization will promote exchange programs in areas such as: Conservation, Environmental Education, Ecology and Sustainable Management throughout the Americas.
  6. The Organization will cooperate with Federal and State Agencies, Foreign Governments and International Conservation Organizations; on projects aimed at protecting Threatened or Endangered Species, Population Surveys, Research Projects and Re-Introduction or Re-establishing Species Projects.