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The Forest Bird Society is a Non-Government Organization created for the conservation of forest birds, protection of their breeding and wintering grounds, migratory routes, environmental education and the protection of natural ecosystems and the environment.

The main focus of the activities of the Foundation will take place in the Western Hemisphere, and specially in areas where the impact of human development has been more intense, and its outcome has been negative for plants and animals; however we will also cover conservation stories in other parts of the world, as there is a lot to be learned as we try to preserve the beauty of the planet we live in for future generations.

These areas include conservation, environmental education, and reforestation. Captive breeding programs and others alike will be devoted special attention, as we embark in the difficult but challenging task of trying to save forests and the birds that live within them, for they are also part of our natural ecosystems, and we must try to save them. As the Society evolves, we will add more interesting stories in this section. Thank you very much for visiting our site and help us protect Nature.


October – 2001, Meeting at the United States Geological Survey Research Center

In the fall of 2001, an important meeting took place at this U.S. Research Center in Maryland, U.S.A. Several topics were discussed, regarding the future of The Forest Bird Society and its cooperative agreement with the U.S.G.S. in North America.

Several interesting discussions relating the loss of habitat in Latin America and threats during migration where discussed. This meeting was attended by Dr. Jeffrey Hatfield, U.S.G.S. Scientist and Secretary General United States, Chandler “Chan” Robbins, U.S.G.S. Scientist and Honorary Member and Mr. Francisco T. Sevilla, President and Executive Director.

Members of the Forest Bird Society in Laurel, Maryland October, 2001.