Environmental Education

One of the most important parts of the work The Forest Bird Society does, involves the area of Environmental Education, and besides conservation, this will be the other main focus of our activities as a Non-Profit Organization.

We will focus on young children throughout Latin America, because unlike their North American counterparts, environmental education is practically non-existent in their education curriculum or simply there is no access to an education curriculum at all. We believe we can make a difference in many of these children and show them what this wonderful world has to offer, and teach them how to appreciate it and preserve it for their own future generations.

Tropical Rainforest at dawn, Latin America

Latin America contains some of the richest ecosystems in the world, yet few of their inhabitants knows or realizes this fact while taking it for granted and sadly allowing the slow destruction of vast areas for human use. Unfortunate examples are already at hand, when we see places like El Salvador, where now there are practically no native forests left in the whole country; most of them gone up-in-smoke. Now what remains to the future generations of that country is a sad reminder of what once was a vast beautiful tropical rain forest.

We want to change this trend of destruction, and assist other countries with this task. We believe we still have time, but if we are to succeed we need to try to make the people who live there, aware of the importance of preserving their ecosystems and resources, for their own good and for their future generations. A comprehensive Environmental Education Program for Latin America will be launched by the Society for the long term, and we hope to help the people who live in these beautiful lands, but do not fully understand all of their secrets and wonders.