Employment Policies

The Forest Bird Society is an Equal Opportunity Employer. As such we will make every effort to treat everyone with respect and professionalism. We will base our hiring procedures on qualifications and experience. The Forest Bird Society will not discriminate anyone against, because of color, race, sex, gender, religion, political beliefs, or sexual orientation. The Forest Bird Society will promote healthy leaving and a smoke and drug free environment.

The Forest Bird Society will orient its Policies, Procedures and Operations, based on fully complying and obeying by all laws and regulations of Canada, the United States and all other countries involved in joint projects or ventures. We intent to build an institution where we count on our co-workers to do the right thing. The Forest Bird Society will promote and enforce an environment in which people are honest, ethical, respect one another and the work gets done the right way.

The Forest Bird Society will focus its operations in a safe and ethical work environment, where there will be no room for abuse and bad behaviors. We intend to act and operate with integrity and fairness. Our Open Books Policy as a Publicly Supported Institution will guarantee anyone access to updates or records as pertinent. The majority of project updates and financial information will be posted and can be reviewed on our Website in the Worldwide Web.

Employment Opportunities

We will make every effort to grow professionally and at the same time maintain a respectful group of individuals working together towards a common goal, while focusing on preserving the environment. We must try to as hard as possible for the future generations to enjoy it.
As an organization formed in 2001, several vacancies will have to be filled. In the future we expect more projects to get developed, and the Organization to grow and become better known in the world of Conservation and Sustainable Development.

In future updates, we will post several vacancies. We expect to be able have a rolling system, which will allow us to start the selection and training processes, to get the best possible help in our conservation efforts.