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Adopt a Bird Program

Protonotary Warbler – breeds in North America, winters in Latin America

This program has been created by The Forest Bird Society, for those who find it difficult to get the time to enjoy our birds and our forests. Basically this program will focus not only on an individual bird species or type, but rather in its habitat, so every donation will go to save, preserve and restore bird habitat in the Americas.

Our main focus now is preserving the winter habitat of migratory forest birds, but others species will also be part of this interesting program. For example, several of our summer birds winter in South America, so by participating in the “Adopt a Bird Program”, we will collect enough money to buy land used by these birds as wintering grounds, and manage it for the future generations to enjoy.

Part of this program will be assisting our donors in trips or tours to visit the areas that their contributions for this projects, are being put to work in our conservation effort. Please take a moment to visit our site and let us know your comments.

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